Stock broker trainee jobs new york

Stock broker trainee jobs new york

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Becoming a registered representative and getting into a broker trainee program isn't easy. That's because the business and hiring process is becoming increasingly competitive; however, there are ways to increase your chances of getting hired and being accepted into a trainee program.

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Read on for a few simple ways to do exactly that. Jazz Up Your Resume These days, many resumes are scanned by computers, instead of people. Programs are set up to specifically recognize and set aside resumes that contain certain key words and phrases that the firm finds attractive.

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With that in mind, there's no guarantee that including any one item, detail or keyword will get your resume noticed. However, there are certain things that should be emphasized because they can increase the chances of your resume being picked out of the lot. For example, high grade-point averages, well-known school names, honors, licenses or significant career accomplishments should be emphasized, as well as associations with well-known organizations the New York Society of Securities Analysts , for example or affiliations with well-known firms, such as Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley.

Another item that should be highlighted on a resume is any cost savings or revenues that you were able to generate for a prior employer. Intern, Intern, Intern Keep in mind that brokerage firms ideally want to hire individuals who already have an understanding of the securities business and who'll be able to hit the ground running. To that end, prior to applying for a broker trainee program, consider obtaining a job as a cold caller , an assistant or some other position that demonstrates your eagerness and desire to learn and succeed in the securities industry.

There a couple possible ways to line up an internship. First, if you're currently in college or graduate school, contact your advisor or guidance counselor; he or she may have an intern program already in place with local firms. You may even be able to obtain college credits for your efforts. If you're out of college, probably the best way to obtain an internship is to send an email or letter to a firm you're interested in and tell them about your objectives and background.

Also, if you're willing to volunteer to work for minimal pay - or for free - you may increase your odds of landing an internship as well. An internship is usually worth all of the effort because it can help set you apart from other candidates with less experience. Make Contacts Have you ever heard the old adage, "It's not what you know, it's who you know"?

On Wall Street , this saying tends to ring especially true. Again, a good way to find contact is to tap your college, or contact older friends who may have already landed jobs at a good securities firms.

Also, consider joining professional associations , where you can meet professionals who can help you get your networking started. The pitch might entail a predetermined and well-thought-out set of lines that may be spoken over the telephone to a prospect, or a unique method for getting yourself in front of potential prospects. Remember, setting yourself apart from the crowd is key! And the fact that you've made an effort to think these pitches through in detail, will likely impress those meeting with you.

If possible, also consider discussing how you plan to get leads and build your business.

stock broker trainee jobs new york

It may also be helpful to mention your contacts in the business world. Finally, if applicable, emphasize the fact that you live in the local area and have the ability and desire to work long hours. This can go a long way, because firms are often reluctant to hire those that don't seem to have the drive or ability to work extended hours.

stock broker trainee jobs new york

The Bottom Line Getting into a broker training program isn't easy; however, you can significantly increase your odds with some careful preparation and thought.

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Here are some of the most important considerations to check off the proverbial list before going after that internship. In this article, we'll give you the tools you need to discover the financial career that fits you the best. Here's how to put together a strong resume for an internship that can open the way to your field of dreams. Incorporate these three innovative features into your resume and you will have an extra edge that could get you hired.

If you forget to include these important details on your resume, you can forget about getting the job. What to include — and leave out — to create the kind of resume that will get you the interview that lands you the job. You may think you have a strong resume, but if you are including these surprising red-flag items, you may not even make it to an interview. Standing out from the crowd is a must, especially when high unemployment rates make competition fierce. Following these five tips will keep your resume out of the recycling bin.

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stock broker trainee jobs new york

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