How does linus torvalds earn money

How does linus torvalds earn money

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Linus Torvalds Net Worth

Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. Edit Answer by Idisjunction. No doubt the value of the stock he owns has gone down, but it is safe to say that he is still a millionaire.

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Why Linus Torvalds would rather code than make money | TechRadar

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Linus Torvalds wanted a Unix operating system for his new PC. Almost all versions of Unix cost several thousand dollars, and only a couple could really use the features … of the processor. So he decided to write his own. Actually he is an Atheist.

He clearly how does linus torvalds earn money this in an interview. Describing himself as "A completely Religious Atheist". Linux was Linus Torvald's college project.

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How much money does Linus Torvalds have

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If a neutral atom gains or loses electrons it acquires a charge and becomes an? Linus Torvalds uses Fedora. He uses Fedora on most of his computers, but really doesn't focus o … n the distribution itself. Linux is a kernel. Choose a video to embed.

The Origins of Linux—Linus Torvalds
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